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Boucles d’oreille un jour mon prince the hunt for the cat burglar who terrorized Toronto creation de-bague argent toulouse-gmyewl

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the hunt for the cat burglar who terrorized Toronto The Fort Knox of Thornhill is a stucco mansion with a bague argent jaunie mansard roof, front yard fountain and U shaped driveway on the area’s most coveted street. It’s owned by a middle aged couple named Tony and Sherry, who asked that we not publish their last name, and is equipped with every security measure bague argent topaz on the market: eight interior and exterior video cameras, reinforced locks, motion detectors in all rooms, a siren, contacts on every window hard wired to a central response station, glass break sensors, a 1.8 metre high wrought iron fence with a buzzer system at the front and a brick retaining wall at the back. In home security speak, the place is a “hard target,” meaning most thieves will take one look and move along. So it came as a shock when, at 6:06 on the evening of Wednesday, November 6, 2013, Sherry received a call from her alarm company, Vigilarm, informing her that the second storey master bedroom window had been opened. At the time, Sherry was at the Richmond Hill Public Library with her 11 year old son and 14 year old daughter for the kids’ weekly tutoring sessions. Sherry instructed Vigilarm to dispatch the police, called Tony and then, leaving her kids with the tutor, sped the seven kilometres home, weaving through rush hour traffic and grosse bague argent moderne running amber lights down Yonge Street. She didn’t know what she’d do if she encountered a burglar, but in the moment, she didn’t care. Meanwhile, a stranger, dressed in black and wearing a dark baseball hat, stood in her bedroom. He had scaled the backyard fence, then climbed up the cornerstones to the second storey, somehow swung onto the balcony and used a crowbar to pry open the window. He went to Sherry’s closet first, then her husband’s, dumping drawers full of jewellery and valuables into a backpack. He went through the master bathroom, their son’s room and the spare bedroom, and rifled through the linen closet. He then walked calmly down the stairs, his bag bulging with over $100,000 in rings, watches, diamond and pearl necklaces, collectible coins, and more. bijoux pas cher In the foyer he turned, stepping over the Halloween candy Sherry and Tony’s son had meticulously arranged on the floor, walked to the family room bague argent canyon at the back, opened the French doors and, a few minutes after he’d entered, was gone. It took Sherry 25 minutes to get home. She ran into the foyer, where she met Tony, who confirmed her fears that they’d been robbed. Sherry went to the bedroom, where she saw the carnage: drawers flipped, belongings strewn everywhere, a curtain rod bent, and mud on the carpet, white silk drapes and $9,000 sofa. Tony paced, repeating, “It’s okay.” Sherry raced to her closet and broke down in tears. coque iphone The jewellery was replaceable, but in the drawers the robber had emptied were macaroni necklaces from her kids, their first teeth and first curls, christening crosses, baby photos invaluable to her and completely worthless to a thief. Tony and Sherry spent an excruciating hour and a half waiting for the police to arrive. coque iphone Together, they reviewed the security footage. The man on the screen kept his head down at all times, so the cops couldn’t get a clear picture of his face. But they recognized his handiwork. Police suspected that Tony and Sherry had been robbed by a daring and prolific break and enter artist, one they’d been after for some time. coque iphone The perp’s specialty was breaking in through the second storey or roof, which was clever most homeowners store their valuables on the second floor, yet many wire only the first floor and basement. By skipping the ground floor, the thief could ransack at a leisurely pace unimpeded by alarms and then calmly walk out the front door, knowing that by the time security or police showed up, he’d bague argent chevron be long gone. In Tony and Sherry’s case, the house’s top to bottom fortifications were a challenge, but for a pro, the promise of ample riches inside made it worth the trouble. Break and enters in the GTA fall into two categories. Eighty per cent are what police call “smash and grabs” quick, unplanned and usually committed by drug addicts looking for anything to finance their next high. The remaining 20 per cent, like the one Tony and Sherry were victims of, are premeditated, sophisticated, deeply personal and far scarier, often involving long term surveillance of the house and the family inside. These thieves are out to make a profit, not support a vice, and their target is specific: cash and jewellery, particularly gold, which can be melted and quickly rendered untraceable. The police boundary that encompasses parts bague argent perle noire of Lawrence Park, North York and the Bridle Path is Toronto’s most targeted. Since 2004, it has suffered a reported 9,374 break and enters, for an average of 852 per year or more than two per day. The next most targeted areas are the Annex, Little Italy, east Forest Hill, Mount Pleasant, Leaside, Rosedale and Trinity Bellwoods. From 2010 to 2013, hundreds of break and enter police reports and reams of home security footage showing homes being burglarized bague argent diamand through the second storey or roof piled up at police stations across the GTA. In one video, a man wearing dark clothing and a small backpack appears out of the shadows at the side of a house, deftly hoists himself onto a fence, steps onto the adjoining second storey wall somehow clinging in place and disappears up and back into the shadows. coque iphone The figure was nearly always the same: a man in dark clothing, his face concealed, leaping from one house to the next, crawling up walls, ascending downspouts or hanging onto perilously steep roofs. Police developed a nickname for their daredevil mystery perp: Spiderman. Shane Joseph Gagnon born Shane Louis Zwezdaryk is the man police believe to be Spiderman. He’s 43 and stands five foot 11, with a barrel chest, bulging biceps and thick forearms. Gagnon has dark curly hair, which he wears cut short on the sides. He lives in a suburb of Bradford, just north of Toronto, with two young boys, his common law wife and her elderly parents. bijoux pas cher Over the years, Gagnon has sold coffins, worked construction, run a limo business, made custom decorative iron railings and protective window bars for homeowners concerned about security (the irony runs thick), and aspired to open a juice bar. He is also an amateur inventor, mostly of sexual devices. coque samsung Among his patented creations are the OctoPussy, a multi pronged vibrator; the SexQube, a black ottoman that transforms into a sexual penetration platform; and the SexChair, a vinyl seat with tie downs, footholds, a headrest and extendable arms designed to satisfy even the most innovative Kama Sutra practitioner. According to the SexChair’s patent, its competitive advantage lies in its disguisability ordinary seat by day, erotic jungle gym by night. Gagnon was no doubt his own customer: at one of his apartments, a sex harness hung from the ceiling in front of his big screen TV, and hand and ankle cuffs were fastened to the bedroom door frame. Gagnon grew up poor, and his parents divorced when he was five. His mother dated a series of men a Hells Angel from Quebec bague argent multi pierre among them each of whom acted briefly as a male role model for Gagnon before moving on. Eventually, his mother married a man named Joseph Volpe, who had close connections to the Toronto mafia: his brother, Paul, was a feared mobster with deep links to Atlantic City’s underworld. coque iphone In 1983, Paul was found dead in the trunk of a car at Pearson airport, curled up in the fetal position, a gunshot wound to bague argent chauve souris his head. Gagnon began stealing netoyer bague argent in his teens. At age 26, he stole a fridge from an empty apartment in his mother’s building to replace one he’d broken. coque huawei When the landlord checked the serial numbers on the fridges and reported his suspicions to police, they found that Gagnon’s mother’s apartment was filled with other stolen items, including a Sony Handycam and a collection of silver jewellery. By the time Gagnon was 27, he had been convicted of nine break and enters, eight thefts, two counts of mischief, one count of obstructing a police officer, one count of criminal harassment and one count of assault causing bodily harm. coque iphone He did some time for each major charge, though the punishment clearly didn’t act as a deterrent, probably because the reward was worth the risk: in Toronto, only about 25 per cent of break and enters are solved. Gagnon possessed a preternatural ability to climb just about anything: he could scamper up a seven and bague argent pierre de lune bleu a half metre drainpipe with ease or cling squirrel like to a wall. In April 1996, he attempted to break into the 15th floor penthouse of a high rise at Sheppard and Don Mills, occupied by a jeweller. He accessed the rooftop via the stairs, then free climbed, some 45 metres above the pavement, to the penthouse balcony below. In the process, he startled the owner’s parrot, who squawked loudly. When the owner flicked on his bedroom light, bague argent ying et yang Gagnon, realizing bague argent gravure exterieure the jig was up, vaulted over the railing and lowered himself down to the balcony below, then hopped one balcony over and climbed two back up to the roof, then descended the stairs to the street. Gagnon seems to have prided himself on his acrobatic prowess and upper body strength. He was a gym rat who worked out compulsively. For a while in his 30s, he dabbled in amateur arm wrestling, though he relied on brute force rather than technique and would angrily accuse less imposing opponents of cheating if he lost to them. (The habit didn’t endear him to Ontario’s small community of arm wrestlers.) As a criminal, however, he was sophisticated bague argent goutte deau and methodical. During B he wore a dark, heavy denim jacket and pants, comfortable yet resistant to tearing or cuts, crucial to avoid leaving behind blood or other DNA evidence. He wore Kevlar gloves for the same reason. coque huawei He owned a variety of cheap running shoes and often used rental cars, paid for in cash and probably rented under a fake name so that police couldn’t trace his plates. Afterward, he’d sell the stolen bague argent portugal gold and gems to jewellery stores run by shady owners or, at times, repurpose the gems into new, custom jewellery, which he’d sell, always for cash, to friends and acquaintances (his business cards had a phone number and, simply, “Shane”). He spent the spoils lavishly. For a stretch in his 30s, he went to a strip club almost every day (and dated at least one exotic dancer). coque huawei He purchased a farmhouse outside Bradford for $275,000 and a teardown property on the northern edge of Forest Hill for $335,000, and built an elaborate home nettoyer bague argent citron gym. He spent $30,000 on a used Dodge Viper and $3,000 on a used Mercedes Benz 190E, both of which he drove recklessly around the city, pulling dangerous U turns and parking where he pleased. He developed his own personal code of conduct, a contorted mash up of the Robin Hood theory of wealth redistribution, the mafia’s omert (he loathed the police and anyone who’d co operate with them) and the overriding principle that might is right. His vanity licence plate said “DOGMAI,” which when read backward neatly articulated his world view. In mid 1999,Gagnon set his sights on an ambitious target: Mark Lash Enterprises at 155 East Beaver Creek Road in Richmond Hill. Lash was a 36 year old father of two who, over the course of 20 years, beginning at age 15 in his parents’ basement, had worked to become the area’s top jeweller. coque samsung Gagnon studied Lash’s shop for six months to plot his break in. Sometimes he’d use a rental car so as not to raise the suspicion of patrons and store owners. He recorded the licence plates of the cars that drove into the store’s parking lot and monitored the patterns of Lash and his security personnel and staff. Gagnon periodically climbed up to the rooftop of the building across the street and, using a high powered night vision telescope, peered inside the jewellery store. He searched for a weak spot in the security apparatus, which was formidable: the front and back entrances had twin key code activated doors, which Gagnon knew weren’t worth the effort. One night in late 1999, Gagnon climbed up the side of the building onto the roof where, using a penknife with a screwdriver attachment, he removed a plate from the HVAC unit. He then climbed inside and shimmied through the ventilation system ductwork to the ceiling crawl space. Balancing on the top of the walls and using the overhead beams for support, he lifted the ceiling tiles and peered down into the store. He located a mammoth walk in vault, five feet by six and so tall that extended up into ceiling. bijoux pas cher Since it was nearly Christmas, he figured it would be high time for inventory. (He was right: locked inside was approximately $2 million worth of precious gems and jewellery.) The question was how to open it. At the time, Lash was about to move to a new building a block and a half away, so he regularly arrived late in the evening to pack, often unaccompanied by employees or security staff. If Lash were alone, Gagnon figured he could easily overpower and coerce him into revealing the combination. But on the off chance he wasn’t, Gagnon would need help. So he enlisted two friends. coque huawei Giuseppe “Joe” Marini was a heavy set friend from Etobicoke with no criminal record. He had held a variety of jobs, as a construction worker, a nightclub doorman and an iron worker. He and his wife, a dental hygienist from Mississauga, had an 11 day old daughter at home. The other was Jimmy Voong, one of Gagnon’s long time accomplices. Two years earlier, they’d broken into Lady York Foods, a gourmet grocery store near Dufferin and Lawrence, by entering through the roof. They were caught exiting with a safe and were both sentenced to nine months in prison. For the Mark Lash job, Gagnon decided that Voong would be the lookout and getaway driver; Marini would help inside with the robbery. They selected a Saturday night just before Christmas. Everything went according to plan except Lash never showed up. Gagnon and Marini waited for hours and took turns peeing on top of the vault. Three weeks later they tried again. Gagnon dressed in a black denim jacket, Kevlar gloves, a black balaclava and running shoes, and carried a penknife, a knotted rope and a hockey bag for the loot. Marini wore dark clothing, a tuque and a paisley bandana covering his face. He also carried a nine millimetre gun and handcuffs. This time, Lash arrived accompanied by a 23 bague argent avec pierres year old employee from Thornhill bague argent taille 61 named Niv Erez, who had recently graduated with a business administration degree from York and was intending to get his masters. Voong, sitting outside in Marini’s blue 1988 Chevrolet Caprice, called Gagnon to alert them of their arrival. Lash and Erez were in the back of the store packing as Marini began his descent. But midway down the rope, he lost his grip and fell to the floor. The element of surprise gone, Gagnon leapt off the vault, crashing through the ceiling tiles. Lash and Erez bague argent bleu marine came in to investigate the noise, and Gagnon and Marini attacked, one savagely pistol whipping Lash across the face, the other wrestling Erez to the ground and attempting to handcuff him. Blood running down his face, Lash bit down hard on the wrist of his attacker, who dropped the gun. Lash shouted at Erez to flee and ran to the front of the store as his assailant the courts later couldn’t decide who it was picked up the gun bague argent javel and shot Lash in the stomach. He made it to his office, and called 911 and then his wife, Dalia, to tell her he’d been shot. Realizing the situation was spiralling of out control, the gunman shot at Erez, hitting him at a distance in the pelvis, ankle and thigh. coque samsung Erez managed to activate a panic button hidden under a nearby counter bague argent femme rond and curled up underneath it, saying “I’m sorry” over and over. The gunman then fired a fourth shot point blank to Erez’s head, killing him. Knowing the police were en route, Gagnon and Marini fled empty handed up the rope, through the ventilation system, onto the roof, down pipes attached to the side of the building, into the getaway car and into the night, roughly 11 minutes after it all began. Gagnon went home, had a shower, vacuumed everything, then disposed of his sneakers, balaclava and clothes, the remaining rope and the vacuum bag in a dumpster behind a nearby strip mall. Lash was rushed by ambulance to Sunnybrook hospital, where doctors performed emergency surgery, removing his spleen and operating on his liver and bague argent pierre quartz rose diaphragm (he now has a scar running from his groin to his chest). His insurance rates skyrocketed, and he hired an armed police officer to keep his business safe. coque huawei It took him years to bounce back from the physical and emotional trauma. Police dubbed the ensuing investigation Project Jeckyll. Over the course of six months, they conducted countless interviews, many with members of the criminal underworld. They identified two vehicles of note parked nearby Gagnon’s silver Mercedes and Voong’s Toyota 4Runner, which they’d left before getting into Marini’s Caprice on the night of the robbery. In July, police visited Marini’s house. His wife opened the door, said, “Speak to my lawyer,” and quickly shut it. Later that day, under police surveillance, Marini drove the getaway car to a friend’s autobody shop. By the time police obtained a search warrant for the vehicle, the interior had been disassembled and destroyed. Gagnon, meanwhile, was up to old tricks. On the night of February 5, 2000, just three weeks after monture de bague argent the Mark Lash fiasco, a woman named Myra King was watching TV in her three storey brick home on Roxborough Street, between Avenue and Yonge. Typically she went to her ski chalet on winter weekends, but she was recovering from dental surgery, so she stayed home bague argent message and invited a friend over for company. The pair heard a series of loud noises coming from upstairs. King dialled 911. The operator told her to leave the house immediately and dispatched the police. Gagnon had ascended seven and a half metres up the side of King’s house, pried open the third storey bathroom window and crept inside. In the second storey office, he located a safe that was bolted to the floor, containing roughly $30,000 in cash. Using a grinder, he removed the safe and lugged it back upstairs. From his vantage point at the window, however, he spotted police establishing a perimeter below. Gagnon dropped the safe and sprang into evasive action: he exited the third storey window onto the roof, then leapt across to a neighbouring roof, scampered up one side of its steep pitch and down the other, then jumped to the next house. From there, he hopped down one storey to the front porch roof, where he turned and smashed a window with his knapsack and jumped inside. His plan was to draw the police inside while he exited via the roof. Gagnon ran up to the third floor passing a surprised homeowner on the stairs where he smashed a dormer window and got on the roof. coque samsung Then he retraced his route across the rooftops back to King’s house, where he’d started. Police by this point had surrounded the area, and Gagnon had no choice but to climb down and surrender. In his backpack, police found a Mont Blanc pen, keys to a black Audi and a Mercedes, a Cartier key holder, four Herms scarves, gold knot earrings, two gold necklaces, and cash, along with a black mask, a grinder, a pry bar, an axe and a flat bar. He was taken to the Don Jail (where he was known to other inmates simply as Spider). Meanwhile, York Region detectives on the Project Jeckyll investigation were closing in on Gagnon, Voong and Marini as the primary suspects in the Mark Lash robbery. coque huawei In late July, they arrested all three. In May 2002, Gagnon was charged with first degree murder, which carries an automatic life sentence and no chance of parole for 25 years, while Voong and Marini received lesser charges of manslaughter. Gagnon suspected that Marini would testify against him at trial. The prospect of Marini turning rat offended Gagnon, and he decided, however paradoxically, to respond in kind.

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