4 marca 2020

Boucles d’oreille vache For the Love of Camellia bague en argent large-gravure sur bracelet homme-aqymfu

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For the Love of Camellia Weddings and flowers are always mentioned bracelet argent lotus in the same breath. They are made for each other much like Chanel and camellias. The flower of her passions, Gabrielle Chanel discovered the camellia in the pages of Alexandre Dumas’La Dame aux Camelias whose heroine always wore a white camellia to signify her purity and became fascinated. coque huawei coque huawei And when her beau, Boy Capel, presented her with her first bouquet of camellias, she was smitten. coque huawei Without thorns or fragrance, Gabrielle found in the camellia’s geometric roundness and the classic and perfect symmetry of its petals a simple exquisiteness. coque huawei The flower became one of her lifelong emblems and muses, especially the white camellia, which she would wear like a jewel in stark contrast against her little black dress. coque samsung Keira Knightley wearing the Rouge Incandescent transformable necklace in white gold, rubies, and diamonds This year sees the Maison transforming this bracelet argent bali key inspiration of its founder into one of the most creative and experimental suites of Chanel High Jewellery ever the 1.5 Collection. Gabriellewas a bracelet argent hippocampe believer in numerology, and ’5′ bague or napoleon 3 prix was her lucky number. bijoux personnalise coque samsung Her twice yearly bracelet argent ajustable fashion shows were held on the fifth bague or blanc avec emeraude day of the month. coque iphone The 1.5 ’1 Camlia. 5 Allures’ HighJewellerycollection presents 50 pieces, bague or de mariage about half of which can be taken boucles d’oreille spirale argent apart and bracelet argent et aigue marine converted into at least five other variations to give bracelet argent avec rose the wearer amazing freedom of choice and unprecedented possibilities to express her personality. Numerology and transformability converge here in pursuit of the boucles d’oreille baccarat liberation and empowerment of women through fashion bracelet argent grain de cafe exactly the life’s work of Mademoiselle Chanel. coque iphone coque iphone The camellia silhouette is the inspiration of every design, expressed in a multitude of forms and bague or coquillage accented with pink sapphires, red rubies, and modern rose gold. coque samsung To achieve seamless transformability, Chanel’s jewellers had to devise discreet clips and fastenings that allowed parts to be removed and reattached with bracelet argent antique ease, so that women would readily wear the pieces in the way they wanted. bijoux personnalise And also, designs had to look complete and beautiful even after parts had been detached. coque huawei Revelation Diamant transformable necklace in white gold and diamonds The results can be seen in the collection’s most technically challenging and valuable piece, theRvlation boucles d’oreille la cabane à perles Diamant necklace. Its dial flips to reveal a camellia, transforming the watch into reminiscence boucles d’oreille a bracelet. Another watch has a design that showcases a diamond cut that was popular once, but now seldom seen. The Eclat de Diamant watch with its 8.02ct rose cut diamond atop the watch dial, partially concealing its face, brings back the warm, antique quality of the rose cut and evokes the feel of an item meant to be passed down the generations. coque iphone Its camellia motif can be detached and worn as bague or blanc et jaune avec 3 diamants a brooch as well. coque iphone Small as they are, the rings are transformable, too. coque iphone The Rouge Tentacion ring, crafted in pink gold, red spinels and diamonds, has diamond petals that are removable to reveal a spinel ring, and can be tresor bracelet argent rose attached to a small pink gold and diamond Camlia brooch for an oversized bracelet argent pour ado fille effect. Rounding off this constantly surprising collection is the Camelia Treasure Box, an ornate pillbox made of white gold, mother of pearl, diamonds, cultured pearls grosse bague or diamant femme and tourmaline.

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