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Cover iphone 6 s michael kors Top 50 Hidden iOS 11 Features cover samsung galaxy a5 2016 silicone 3d-custodia iphone xs max silicone-vkupgl

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Top 50 Hidden iOS 11 Features

WWDC 2017 keynote is over and iOS 11 is officially in the wild, as cover kenzo iphone a cover samsung j3 2017 silicone developer beta. As is usually the case, Apple highlights the best features in the keynote. But there are a lot of small, interesting changes and features that don’t make it to the keynote. This is cover custodia samsung where cover samsung s8 protettiva we come in.

This time, iOS 11 is hiding some productivity focused gems. cover samsung galaxy s10 There’s a customizable custodia cover samsung a3 Control Center, screen recording feature cover iphone 6 nirvana and a iphone 5 c cover lot more.

On both the iPhone and iPad, you can now select multiple apps. Tap and hold apps till they jiggle. Tap on one app and drag it. Now tap on other app icons and they’ll be selected as well. Now go to another page and release your finger to drop them all.

There’s a new toggle in Settings> Accessibility> Siri that enables the options to type to Siri.

3. Customizable Control Center

The redesigned Control Center is cover samsung j 4 plus one of the biggest features in iOS 11. But it gets better. Control Center is actually customizable. Go to Settings> Control Center and you’ll be able to add and remove actions.

One of the actions cover samsung galaxy s 9 that you can add to Control Center is Screen Recording. This is the only way to enable this feature. When you tap on the Screen Recording feature, you’ll start recording cover samsung j56 your screen. Tap on the blue bar at the top to stop samsung s6 hoesje the recording. The video file will be saved in the cover samsung sm t595 Photos app.

iOS 11 brings one handed mode for iPhone 6 and higher. Tap and hold the Globe icon. Then tap on the left/right docked icon to cover iphone 7 plus silicone custodia cover samsung s10 plus disney engage the one handed mode.

You’ll now be able to access all notifications from the Lock Screen. In the empty space, just swipe up to cover samsung j3 2017 harry potter see the Notifications.

On your iPad cover samsung s8 amazon Pro, swipe down on any key to type the alternate character.

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8. Redesigned Storage Management Tab

The Storage and Cloud Usage tab is now just called iPhone Storage. And it now shows a storage bar at the top. The apps are listed based on storage space used. You’ll also see when the app was last used.

9. Automatically Uninstall Unused Apps

There’s a new option in iPhone Storage section that lets you automatically uninstall old apps cover iphone 6s harrods when you’re low on storage. This only uninstalls the app. The app data and documents are saved. You can do this on a per app basic from the detail view of the app.

A smaller design change in iOS 11 that’s everywhere from the Phone app to Notes app is the use of bolder typography, especially in headings.

11. Siri and Search Settings Unified

In Settings, there’s a new section called Siri Search that merges the Siri and Search sections.

12. New Accounts and Passwords Section

There’s also a new Accounts Passwords section cover iphone 6 a tasca that gives you access t all iCloud and Mail accounts. You can also access passwords saved in Keychain after authenticating.

13. Prevent Cross Site Tracking in Safari

There’s a new toggle in Safari section in Settings called Try to Prevent Cross Site Tracking, it is enabled by default.

Emergency SOS is now built into iOS 11, for all users. Auto Call feature will automatically dial the relevant emergency services cover samsung galaxy tab 4 8 hotline when the user presses the Sleep/Wake button five times, quickly.

15. Scan QR Codes in Camera

Camera app in iOS 11 can automatically scan QR codes now. All you have to do is cover iphone 5s dietro point the camera on a QR code.

16. Password Autofill for Third Party Apps

iOS 11 supports the option for third party integration for password autofill. This means in future we can see 1Password integration.

You can now customize the double tap gesture for both the left and right AirPod. What this means is that you can set one to engage Siri while another for Play/Pause…

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