6 października 2020

Study Nursing and Health Care Management -. Bachelor of Arts (m / w) at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden

Please apply here on “SANOsax.de” with all the hyperlink / button “Apply Now” paraphrase apa at the top rated best.The studies in Nursing and Well being Care Management at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden qualifies for both a science-based profession and for the management in several outpatient and inpatient areas of function. To have graduated ideally suited in unique by means of the transfer of expertise in the fields of company administration and personnel management, by way of example, for management positions in hospitals or nursing houses and in institutions of well being and social function. More than it, you can apply to get a further qualification in a Master’s system.

Study contents are inter alia .:Interdisciplinary fundamentals Care Scientific ideas and tactics provide concepts inside a national and international empirical social study / evaluation methods management of care, therapy and overall health facilities Legal framework profession Relevant specialization modules.Structure from the system.Modular construction with 180 credit points (European Credit Transfer Technique – ECTS) In occupational studies’re unable to / be permitted inside only applicants who gem subsequent to the university entrance qualification. §17 SächsHSFG also have completed vocational coaching with skilled certification inside a relevant nursing and health profession.A vocational qualification as:Caregiver / in health and nursing / in overall health and pediatric nurses / midwife in / Entbindungspfleger physiotherapist / occupational therapist in / in or speech therapist / speech therapist.

Right after a person examination of diplomas eligible as.Medical technicians, medical assistant might be credited as a function of sensible practical experience and qualified field of action for the study.Circumstances for part-time study.completed vocational training in a relevant health or nursing profession and occupation of min. 20 Stdn./Woche.Speak to.This internship or apprenticeship as a ‘Study Nursing and Well being Care Management – Bachelor of Arts (m / w) in the University of Applied Sciences’ is open to the following address: 01069 Dresden in Saxony.Quick profile of the University of Applied Sciences Dresden – State-recognized university


The University of Applied Sciences Dresden (nationally recognized qualified college) is an attractive, international, marketplace and practice-oriented university, the overall performance demands and supports. We’re major a university, students in promising skilled profession fields. We take into account the most recent results of investigation and development. The aim on the research will be to establish high-level, criticism is accepted and responsible graduates inside the firm. The self-image in the university culminating within the function of mediator in between science and market. By the sound education in the students on the economy are produced authorities readily available which can meet the demands with the future.The tactic on the University of Applied Sciences Dresden primarily based on the following variables: merit program, intensive study counseling and monitoring, close practical relevance of research, method orientation http://cs.gmu.edu/~zduric/day/write-master-thesis-latex.html by experienced cross-field problem-solving abilities, implementation of innovations into practice, promotion of international experience and continuous quality improvement in teaching and study. We offer the individual assistance of our students for the forefront. The close get in touch with of students and teachers paraphraseservices.com/paraphrase-essay/ and the university management creates transparent structures and delivers the potential to actively participate in the development on the university.

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